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Copyright is a protection given to authors, copyright owner and performer of a wide variety works as prescribed under the Copyright Act 1987. It reserves to the copyright owner the right to make copies of the work and to authorize the making of copies, as well as control other acts of exploitation, for a specified duration.

Works eligible for copyright law includes literary works, artistic works, musical works, films, sound recordings and broadcasts.

Careful documentation of any copyright work to prove ownership is prudent, as the copyright is non-registrable. The copyright owner may elect to affirm a statutory declaration before a Commissioner for Oaths in respect of work eligible for copyright, stating that copyright subsists in the work, that he is the owner of the copyright, and annexing a copy of the work. The copyright owner may also claim ownership by submitting a Voluntary Notification with the prescribed fees at the Malaysia Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO).

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At patentsworth, we assist and advise our clients on the copyright matter, especially on the establishment of copyright ownership and on instances where the copyright law overlaps with other areas of intellectual property law, such as industrial design.

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