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Trademarks need to be distinctive for the goods and services provided, or need to be recognised as a sign that differentiates goods or services as different from someone else’s.

Whether you are in the early stages of brand creation, or are  exploring to refresh and renew the IP you have built around your brands, the choice of a trademark or of any other distinctive sign is a crucial one. The trademark must balance the pursuit of distinctiveness and characterisation, required by the market, with the need to protect and defend the identity of your product over time – therefore they must proceed in synergy.

Experience in focusing on our clients’ business needs enables our team of trademark professionals at patentsworth to offer the best advice in assessing the risks and opportunities of different branding strategies including trademark filing and registration, as well as to provide the necessary support as those strategies are deployed.

Trademark Services:

Trademark Identification Assessment

At patentsworth, we believe that early identification of intellectual property such as trademark exists in a product can go a long way to creating a competitive advantage. When you are to point out suitable IP rights well, you know how to bring the product further better than any of your competitors.

Prior to registering your trademark, it is best to make sure that the proposed trademark is not already registered and therefore available, and that it is not similar or likely to be confused with other earlier trademarks or in any way liable to cause conflicts with any existing trademark rights. By performing searches for trademark applications in trademark databases, we are able to provide you with our opinion on the availability and registrability of your proposed trademark alongside the relevant advice on suitable NICE classes for registration.

Registration of a trademark conveys exclusive rights to the registered proprietor to use the mark on the goods/services for which the mark is registered. If the trademark is not registered, the proprietor of the mark will have to rely on the common law remedy of passing off, which can be more difficult and expensive to establish.

International Protection

If you are planning to sell your goods or services in other countries, you will need to register your trademark in those jurisdictions as well. If you do not register your mark, you run the risk of another party taking your trademark.

Our team has the experience and expertise to manage trademark portfolios at home country and all other countries on a global scale through our extensive network of trusted foreign associates.

A trademark opposition is a legal challenge to prevent a pending application for a trademark from being granted registration. It must allege one or more grounds for challenging a trademark application.

We at patentsworth are always ready to help you in the proceedings with support to legal services.

If trademark value is at stake, a trademark valuation gives the parties a better understanding of the value of the trademark and how much the trademark is worth.

If you need assistance with valuation of trademarks, you can be confident that our team of trademark professionals is here to serve you.

Trademark registration is valid for ten (10) years from the date of filing and may be renewed every ten (10) years thereafter.

One team of trademark professionals at patentsworth is always at your service to assist you with trademark renewals in a timely manner.

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