Vision & Mission

Patentsworth International

We vow to contribute to and change the IP landscape in Malaysia, which still leaves plenty of room for improvement in many areas.




To be a leading, competitive IP firm, delivering extraordinary values and hospitality by being a preferred corporate citizen, preferred employer, preferred supplier providing professional IP services.

With passion, pride, dedication and speed, through all-rounded elevation of the IP value chain, we deliver to our clients insightful IP services that exceed their expectations at the most compelling IP experience possible.
Core Values

At patentsworth, we pride ourselves on our core values, both in terms of legal know-how and professional standards that have become ingrained in the culture of the firm.

Authentic and pure
Creative and critical
Precise and prompt
Credible and reliable
Honest and sincere

With keen insight of both the technology and the law, we deliver quality services with the highest standards of professionalism and business ethics at all times.

Competitive Advantages

You are welcome to visit us and gain some insights into our competitive advantages.

We tailor personalized and friendly services full of unparalleled zest and hospitality. We want you to feel at home and just be yourself.
We do not just listen to your needs and get the job executed. Instead, we listen attentively, paint the entire picture for you so that you can make an informed decision.
We look beyond your intellectual property protection needs to anticipate the necessary protection for many more years to come. We vow to provide all-rounded IP protection.
We offer competitive rates at uncompromising world class standards.
We have an established network of stellar brains that we can readily access to offer the best solution for you. And we are affiliated with overseas associates to provide equally friendly and efficient IP services for foreign matters.