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Intellectual property is a novel creation of the mind. Securing your intellectual property rights is just the beginning of a commercialization pathway. Commercialization of intellectual property – and trade secret – is about getting your products or services into the market, that means extracting maximum commercial value from it.

The commercialization pathway or a route to market is a journey of many steps that may include developing the product or service to a marketable level, evaluating the IP to determine if the risks of commercialisation are worth taking, and preparing a detailed commercialization plan.

At patentsworth, we are committed to see our clients achieve success in all aspects of intellectual property commercialization, and its continuous growth. Our commercialization specialists work together with you hand-in-hand to make sure you are getting the full suite of commercialization services.

  • Assignment / Transmission
  • Licensing
  • Acquisition
  • Technology Transfer
  • Franchising
  • Match-making & Partnership
  • Commercialization Strategy & Action Plan
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